UnitedChat IRC Network

Welcome to UnitedChat IRC Network official website. UnitedChat is a free Internet relay chat network. With our chat applets, you can add live flash or java chat application to your web page in no time or just join in on the chatting fun.

Please feel free to chat anytime, anywhere. You can select from one of our on-going chats by viewing our active chat rooms or you can create your own chat room. If you need assistance, please seek help in
#services by talking to one of our staff members or experienced users. You may also see our FAQ page for alternative ways of receiving help.

For the more advanced IRC user, you may connect to us using an IRC client.

Server pool: irc.unitedchat.net (SSL port: +994)


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  Nickname & Channel Management

Register a nickname and channel to protect you and your group's online identity. Gain access to a number of tools to easily manage your channel and its users.



  Flash Chat Application

We helps webmasters easily create their free flash chat applications to meet their website and room needs. Simply cut and paste the chat codes onto your page, and off you go.

  Mobile IRC Chat

UnitedChat is happy to provide you with chat from Android and iOS devices. Now it's easy to connect to the UnitedChat IRC Network with your android mobile phones or tablets!

  Technical Support/Help

Need help with something in relation to our chat network? We provide some basic FAQ and ConferenceRoom services and IRCd command lists and descriptions here.

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